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 As one half of Bachelor Girl, Tania Doko enjoyed much success through the decade long journey with James Roche. In 1998 Bachelor Girl’s debut single, Buses and Trains,” was not only an Australian smash but an International hit as well.

The song-writing chemistry between Tania and James was explosive and their double platinum selling debut, “Waiting For The Day” won them the 1998 ARIA (The Australian equivalent of a Grammy) for Best Producer and put them on the unstoppable trajectory towards their second album, Dysfunctional (2002) which features hits including “I’m Just a Girl” & “Drowning Not Waving”. In 1999, with 4 ARIA Award nominations and the APRA Award for Song of The Year & PPCA most played song on Australian radio (Buses & Trains), Bachelor Girl rode high on the airwaves and the charts as their debut release spawned five smash hit singles including “Buses and Trains”, “Treat Me Good’’ and the anthemic Australian classic “Permission To Shine”.

Following the album's amazing success in Australia & abroad, Tania was invited to perform a lead role in SEL’s ‘Tim Rice Musical Spectacular’ (2001). The talented artist was also asked to participate in a judge/mentor role on Channel 7’s ‘Popstars’ (2004) the Australian Idol. Tania’s singing/acting landed her a role in ‘SERIOUSLY, the Pet Shop Boys Reinterpreted’, which took her to the Edinburgh Fringe festival where she enjoyed rave reviews and endorsements from many people including the Pet Shop Boys themselves.

Constantly writing, recording, and performing Tania put together a new album and a new electro rock band called SHE SAID YES (SSY). Securing the support for the Darren Hayes national tour October 2007, SHE SAID YES released their critically acclaimed debut independent EP to coincide with the tour.
In 2008, Tania produced an acoustic EP, consisting of past hit Bachelor Girl releases and current SSY tunes unplugged. The acoustic installment was released to coincide with this 2008's highly successful national tour “Let’s Get Together” including Tania herself, Jon Stevens, Ian Moss and Jack Jones aka Irwin Thomas.

The first part of 2009 included Tania working with Darren Glen a DJ as a songwriter and featured vocalist on "Curious". Later in the year she performed with The Veronicas on the cut,” Don’t Say Goodbye” (Featuring Tania Doko). Producer/writer wise, she has worked with the likes of David Norland, Toby Gad, Matthew Gerrard, Andreas Carlsson, Jimmy Harry, Shelly Peiken, Oliver Lieber, Bridget Benenate , Pam Reswick & more.. as well as local Aussie legends like Cameron McGlinchey, Irwin Thomas, Karl Lewis & Phil Buckle.

Starting out as a 'country boy' in Ballarat, Victoria, James began playing keyboards three nights a week in a resident nightclub band at only 15. Despite this early sign that music would be a career, James completed school and went on to study Computer Science at university before finally succumbing to the siren call of professional music-making.

James played in a multitude of bands in Melbourne including diverse cover bands, fusion jazz bands, blues bands and even piano bar. In the late Eighties and Nineties James became a regular touring keyboard player, for artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, John Farnham, and Little River Band. He also worked as an occasional Music Director and composer for television shows and large concerts.

Developing a studio career throughout this time saw James gigging less and concentrating on production and writing work. Development of Bachelor Girl began in 1992, and eventually saw the duo sign a record deal with Gotham Records and BMG. The first single was a huge success, earning James the APRA award "Song Of The Year" as composer, won him and Tania Doko ARIA award "Producer Of The Year", and became the most performed song on Australian radio that year.

Bachelor Girl occupied James' time until 2004, when he moved to London and married girlfriend Chelsea Plumley, a star of musical theatre. In addition to producing artists that came through the Australian Idol television program, James began focusing on new endeavours in screen composition. James spent four years in the UK scoring documentaries and feature films, returning to Australia in 2008.

James is now primarily occupied with artist development and record production.